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Before I became a developer, while I was researching which programing language to learn, I often came across questions like “Is ruby easier to learn than JavaScript?” and “which coding language should I learn first”. Now that I am a Full-Stack Web Developer, I thought it would be nice to answer the question for wandering minds out there, borrowing from my personal experience with both programming languages.

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The short answer is yes. The longer answer is also yes. There are no ways to over complicate this question. The general consensus between the programming community is that Ruby is an easier language. As a language, JavaScript is very verbose. You will find that Ruby’s syntax is easier to learn. Also, expect your code size of Ruby to be considerably smaller, you will spend less time with Ruby than with JavaScript

Which coding language should I learn first?

I learned JavaScript before Ruby. I believe doing this made Ruby syntax confusing to me. I remember writing Ruby code and always trying to add a parenthesis, colon or curly braces. I would recommend learning Ruby first.  My main reason for recommending Ruby first is due to sequential difficulty. As you move up to JavaScript from Ruby, you will be getting more and more complex, hence it is better to start off with something easier to remember, and simpler to use.

It does not matter which coding language you learn first as long as you are learning.

Difference between Ruby and JavaScript

I wouldn’t go into the difference between the two languages. If you need more info on the differences and similarities between JavaScript & Ruby, Click HERE

In Conclusion

Ruby syntax will be easier for you to get the hang of. Once you remember the appropriate rules for Ruby, you will have a foundation of skills to build on. JavaScript syntax will be more complex and have more variables that you need to memorize. I highly recommended that you build your way up to JavaScript from Ruby.

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