4 Amazing Websites to Learn Coding 2019

2 women sitting on front of a computerYou are curious about coding but do not know where to start. Your Google search for “How can I learn to code?” returns hundreds of websites, all claiming to be the best. Many of these sites boast of a robust catalog of multiple programming languages, but now you run into the problem of which website to choose. Here are my recommendations for online programming courses based on personal experience and some research.

Khan Academy  (www.khanacademy.org)

Khan Academy site logo

When it comes to learning to code online, Khan Academy is one of the best sites available on the web.  Their computer programming and coding section offer video tutorials and interactive hands-on courses in multiple programming languages including JavaScript, SQL (databases), and HTML.  Khan Academy is free.  All you need to do is create an account and verify your e-mail address. Learning is at-your-own-pace.

Bottom-line: This site is especially good for those who learn slowly but learn best by demonstrating and making their own projects.

Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think

Code.org (www.code.org) code.org site logo

Last year when I tried to teach my 10-year-old son how to code, with coding sites like Treehouse and Code Academy, he had trouble understanding the lessons. While searching for kid-friendly coding lessons I came across Code.org.  Code.org offers online courses from basic computer science to more generalized education topics. Using puzzles, and interlocking, color-coded blocks, Code.org drops you immediately into a visual programming environment.  Lesson plans usually involve presenting the user with a video that teaches particular programming concepts, which is then followed by a puzzle that reinforces the concepts introduced in the video.

Bottom-line: Code.org is a great stepping stone into programming, but if you are an adult trying to learn code, you should consider alternatives, as code.org is geared particularly towards younger learners.

Treehouse (www.teamtreehouse.com)teamtreehouse site logo

If you’re serious about coding and would prefer a visual style approach, without all the flash and interesting animation at Code.org, then perhaps Treehouse is the place for you.  Treehouse has every coding lesson one could possibly imagine—or learn from!  Students can choose from a variety of online-based lessons and languages, and one of the best things of all—you get to put to practice the lessons you learn. Unlike Khan Academy and Code.org, Treehouse is not free.

Bottom-line: Treehouse is one of the best learning websites I have ever used, with the only downside being, it’s not free.

Code Academy (www.codecademy.com)codecademy site logo

There are a plethora of Education sites online, but one of the most popular is Code Academy.  Code Academy has a robust offering of coding and computer programming courses. Code Academy is free but also offers a subscription-based model.  The paid subscription has its perks, but make no mistake, Code Academy’s free version is just as good as any coding site on the internet.

Bottom-line: Code Academy is a really good site. My only problem is its format. For example, If you don’t answer a question the way it wants you to, even if your answer is correct(see my answer), it will tell you it’s wrong(see codecademy’s answer). My best experience with Code Academy is when I used it in conjunction with Treehouse.


We all have different learning styles, so what works for me may not necessarily appeal to you. I encourage readers to explore the learning resources mentioned in this article and more. Remember, regardless of which path you choose you can’t go wrong as long as you are learning. Coding is something everyone can use.  Happy coding!

I am a full stack web developer living in Costa Rica. I enjoy creating websites and apps. I am fluent in Spanish, English, and Japanese. My past experience includes 13 years in the US Navy, and 2 years of Social work. My hobbies are watching anime, playing video games, and spending time with my kids. This is my blog where I write about my experience as a web developer.

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